New website

I have a new website, where I showcase my illustrations. I invite you all to visit at www.vanessarodrigues.org



I have been really away from blogging...I hope to come back really soon with new illustrations and more projects. I'm currently working on my own online portfolio for illustration and design - as i graduated from college back in September! I'm an official communication designer now! :)

Happy Holidays!



Hello all! Long time, no post... As always I'm busy with many works but I wanted to share with you an international illustration contest that you might not be aware of: Ilustrarte. I't's a bit late to talk about it as the deadline is right at the end of September but since I'm going to enter I thought I would share :) Hope you enter, good luck!


IF - Layer

A Layer of Land
(An Illustration based on Italo Calvino Invisible Cities)
© Vanessa Rodrigues 2011



Wow i've been really away from my blog, college work is taking all my time! I'll try to post new works as soon as i can :)
Have happy holidays :)




Imovable Swing - entry for IF
Acrylic 2010


Mr. Bear

Here's Mr. Bear to thank you all for visiting my blog! Currently i'm on a hiatus due to work. Once i have more illustrations i'll post them here :)


Flower Girl

The first of a new series - Collage and acrylic on paper!


IF Expired

Digital illustration for Illustration Friday topic "expired" :)


Mr. Calvino series

After a long time with no posts, i'll start to pay more attention to my blog and to share more of my works :) i also will try to enter in all Illustration Friday topics to get more active!
The illustrations below are the complete series i've made for a book "O Senhor Calvino" (in english, Mister Calvino, wich is a fantasy story about the daily life of Italo Calvino). They're all A3 size, watercolor, acrylic and collage.


New series: to live on the clouds

This illustration is part of one of my personal projects! It's also part of my entry to Ilustrarte's contest this year :) Acrylic and watercolor on paper (40cmx29cm, 2009)
Esta ilustração é parte de um projecto pessoal, faz  também parte do conjunto enviado para o Ilustrarte deste ano. Acrilico e aguarela, 40x29cm, 2009.


"O Senhor Calvino"

This illustration was part of a series of 3 images created as an illustration exercise. The book is "O Senhor Calvino", wich talks about the surreal life of Mr. Calvino. I used acrylics, watercolor, pencil and collages. A3 size, 2009.
Esta imagem faz parte de um conjunto de 3 ilustrações sobre o livro "O Senhor Calvino", de Gonçalo M. Tavares. Acrílicos, aguarela, lápis e colagem, A3, 2009.


Illustration Friday: Skinny

This is my entry for the Illustration Friday topic this week! Acrylic and watercolor.
This ilustration was originally commisioned for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue agenda book in 2008, illustrating an article about Chapitô (a performance/circus school).
Esta ilustração foi publicada na agenda do Ano Internacional do Diálogo Intecultual, em 2008. Ilustra um artigo sobre o Chapitô. Acrílico e aguarela.


quick, quick, slow - lisbon 2009

"Watching words move" (above) is one of my favorite works


Strawberry bunny

This little bunny was painted with acrylics on a small canvas, some years ago, the original canvas lives in my bedroom :) The print is available at the shop. Happy Weekend!
Esta é uma tela pequena pintada com acrílco - print na loja


Collage on canvas: Matrioshka

Hello! This time i decided to try working with collage using some fabric scraps and acrylics, over a small canvas and this is the result - a mini matrioshka :) The print and the original are available at the shop
Uma experiência: tela pequena pintada a acrílico e com colagens de tecido. Disponivel na loja