Illustration Friday: Skinny

This is my entry for the Illustration Friday topic this week! Acrylic and watercolor.
This ilustration was originally commisioned for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue agenda book in 2008, illustrating an article about Chapitô (a performance/circus school).
Esta ilustração foi publicada na agenda do Ano Internacional do Diálogo Intecultual, em 2008. Ilustra um artigo sobre o Chapitô. Acrílico e aguarela.

5 comentários:

Indigene disse...

Cool snake-like texture!

voz disse...

Wow. This is really cool. Love the textures and colors too.

dthaase disse...

I love the design!

neilornstein disse...

beautifully done

ratu lakhsmita indira disse...

ok.. :)